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Diesel & Gasoline Delivery Services in Thorofare, NJ

Weaver Oil Company is a West Deptford, New Jersey, fuel oil company the offers diesel fuel and gasoline delivery as well as a physical location for convenience.

Diesel Fuel

You can find premium diesel fuel at our Crown Point Truck Stop, or we can deliver the fuel you need for your entire fleet to your location. Our professional delivery drivers will come to your location at night while your trucks are parked and fill your tanks, ensuring there is no stopping during working hours. This convenient service ensures you don't lose time and money during the day. You can count on our team for quality on and off road diesel fuel and professional fueling services for your machinery.
Give us a call and we will discuss the specifics of the fueling program and your needs, and come up with the best option for you. Construction companies, painting companies, and other contractors can also take advantage of our delivery services, having their fuel delivered directly to their job sites.

Gasoline Delivery

Gasoline delivery is available for gas stations, car dealerships, and commercial properties that have tanks. Our gasoline is "regular" 87 octane rated and is delivered in bulk tanks. You have the choice of calling when you need a delivery, or scheduling a set delivery time. In most cases, your delivery will arrive the same day. Occasionally, it may be the following day.
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Tank Leasing

Commercial accounts can take advantage of tank leasing services, complete with delivery and setup. Our fuel oil company provides tanks for on- and off-road diesel fuel and gasoline. Tanks are available in 300, 500, or 1,000 gallon tanks, and double walled to conform to environmental standards, with single-walled available for placement in containment units. With your lease, you also receive tank maintenance from use, so you are covered if something should break while you have it. So long as you are buying fuel from us, we will not charge you for your tank rental.
Request a service in West Deptford, New Jersey, and get quality diesel fuel and gasoline delivery that you can rely on.